Thursday, October 9, 2008


So here I am starting a new chapter in my life. On Saturday the 27th of September Michael gave me the ultimate surprise. So it all started earlier in the day when we were going downtown to meet some friends for dinner. When he came to pick me up there was a super long stem rose on my seat. I told him I loved it and asked what it was for. He told me he just saw it and thought it would be fun to give it to me. I thought nothing of it and off we went to go downtown. (After all this happened he told me that he tried to get away during dinner to get everything and give it to me downtown but I like how it happened much better.) After eating and hanging out we both were ready to relax at home and watch a movie. As we got settled into the movie he said he forgot something in his car, and he comes back in with another super long stemmed rose. He got down and asked me to marry him!!! Inside the rose was my ring...1 carat princess cut solitaire! I am so happy and excited to be sharing my life with this wonderful man!

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Borland family said...

We're so excited for you!! Andrew keeps asking when he'll get to meet Uncle Michael, or does he go by Mike? Either way, he's seen pictures and can't wait!