Monday, December 15, 2008


Ok I just need to take a moment to complain about the weather. Normally this time of year I like it cold so you can really get into the holiday swing, but this morning it went to a whole new level! It was the coldest night in over 100 years in denver. Not including the windchill it was hovering around -19 degrees. I take the light rail to work in the mornings and with the traffic I was a few minutes later than normal making me miss my train by a mere minute. This did however make me have to wait in the now balmy -15 degree weather for over 10 minutes. I think my lungs now hate me. That and my face may have frostbite...I'm not too sure how long that takes to set in. Well here is too the winter weather and hoping it reaches the 9 degree high today.

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Borland family said...

I hope you've thawed out...did your nose hairs and eyelashes freeze? can't wait to see you!